Private Market Real Estate Investments For Executives and Business Owners

We Make Putting Together A Plan Simple

We Analyze and Present


We will work with you to develop a passive income plan based upon your needs and available capital. We source opportunities and partner with deal sponsors to provide you access to diverse, quality real estate investment opportunities.We're always a partner in the deals we present to you so that you can be assured our interests are always aligned.

You Review and Invest


We will notify you when an opportunity meets the criteria for your passive income plan. Once you have had the opportunity to review the opportunity, the associated legal documents, and receive answers to any questions you may have, you will be provided instructions on how to subscribe to the opportunity and invest your funds.

They Manage and Distribute


The asset manager oversees the property management, implements the business plan, and make distributions directly to you.  CEO Capital Partners stays engaged as a partner in the asset, monitors performance and communicates with investors regularly to help keep you informed about the assets ongoing performance.